I Overcame and I Overcome (Daily Word Prompt is Bludgeon)


I have been bludgeoned with a thick stick, a board or belt repeatedly and of course it hurt, but I cannot remember what that pain felt like.

However, I can still feel the sharp heavy painful blows from the bludgeoning attack of negative words and shaming words that hit deeply and cut and bruised my soul forever.

The pain still lingers nearby buried deep within my soul. I won’t let it rise from deep within me.

I overcame and I overcome.

The bludgeon attacked my beautiful soul and spirit and tried to destroy me. But, I refuse to let that heavy bludgeon win. I became stronger and I became the winner.

I stole the bludgeon and threw it into the ocean of other misfit words causing my hurtful words of pain and shame to sink deeper and deeper away from me into the abyss of other misfit word bludgeons and other word weapons of mass destruction.

I overcame and I overcome.

There are millions and billions of painful words from the past that have injured spirits and souls connected to them floating in the bottom of the word ocean. These words are soaking up the salty water from tears of the word ocean waters.

These words can no longer hurt anyone. They are wasted words now lost from the old spirits and souls of generations removed from the bent and the broken.

They are now repaired and healed beautiful spirits and souls that God created in us forever and always. The bludgeon words are gone and turned into strong, healed and beautiful spirits and souls more beautiful now than they ever could have been.

I overcame and I overcome.

These beautiful spirits and souls are growing stronger and have grown more beautiful and blessed from the hurtful words from their past. They are the winners and they are the beautiful strong survivors of life!

They overcame and they overcome!


Please know that today, right now, I am not feeling the pain I wrote about. “Bludgeon” was the word of the day and when I thought of this word it made me think about how much negative words actually can and do hurt and how they can also leave life long scars.

I have been both physically and emotionally abused in the past so I do know how what I wrote about feels like to an extent. I have been extremely ill from my Mental Illness feeling the deep raw pain and a lot of it was caused from the pain of my past trauma, PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. My PTSD sometimes triggers my Bipolar symptoms.

I wrote this post because of the daily word bludgeon. This is what bludgeon made me think of and the words just started to flow. The main point of my post is that words do hurt and words can wound and scar a person’s soul and spirit and words can actually kill. There are real bullies out there and they come in all ages, sizes. shapes, places, reasons and causes. There is emotional abuse and there is discrimination, as well. Stigma is discrimination and it hurts and leaves lasting wounds. We all need to be kind and aware of the words we say to everyone always.

Honestly, God has saved my life. I would not be alive today if it was not for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Just like the title of my post “I overcame and I overcome” God is the reason for that. He saved my life. He is so awesome. He overcame and he is the reason I overcame.  Praise God!