Birth and death are two of the purest, most sincere forms of truth we all have in common.

The way we come into this world and the way we leave the world are basically the same with just a few opposite aspects of these miraculous events.

At the time of birth we gasp at the atmosphere as we take in our very first breath of air into our lungs. At the time of death, we gasp at the atmosphere as our last breaths of air leave our lungs.

When we are born into the world on earth, we are surrounded by happy people that love us sincerely shedding happy tears of joy. However, when we die and leave the world on earth we are surrounded by sad people that love us sincerely crying mournful tears of sorrow.

Birth and death are both celebrations of life. Birth is a celebration of the beginning of your life on earth and death is a celebration of your birth into the Kingdom of God for eternity.