No Second Thoughts Today

Second thoughts can be negative if they occur after a bad decision has been made. Second thoughts are very positive and wise to have if they happen before a decision is made causing a person to make the correct choices and behave appropriately.

I definitely wish I would have had more second thoughts prior to the bad decisions I made impulsively throughout my lifetime. Actually, I wish I would have had second, third, fourth and fifth thoughts prior to some of the many bad, dangerous and stupid choices I made in my life. The journey of my life would have taken me down a better, easier, and much smoother path of life.

Impulsiveness is very common for people with Bipolar Disorder, especially during hypomania and mania symptoms. Just like the causes of Bipolar  Disorder, brain chemistry is involved. Communication in the brain can become chemically unstable and out of control. The part of the brain that may cause rational thinking seems to have disappeared and vanished into thin air. The control mechanism of that part of the brain is not there at that time to stop bad, dangerous and rash decisions and behavior. The mechanism that controls the part of the brain that tells someone that a person or situation is dangerous, for example, is not there.

Oh where , oh where did my chemicals go? Oh where, oh where did they go? How can they just go away and vanish? The brain fascinates me. What an amazing, fascinating and complicated organ of our body it is.

Since today is the big day, I must add that today I was not impulsive whatsoever and I have absolutely no second thoughts of the decision I made today. I know with the utmost certainty that I made the absolute correct decision of who I voted for today on Election day. I pray the candidate I voted for is the next President of the United States of America.

God Bless America!