My Bipolar Brain Decided For Me (Daily Word Prompt is Flee)

I am very sorry I have been away

many days and more than yesterday.

Unable to read the many blogs you post

and missing so many of them I love the most.

I did not choose to leave or flee

my bipolar brain decided for me

causing chemicals inside my mind

to switch to the dark and unthinkable kind.

Pits of hell

too dark to tell.

Immobilized and stuck in a big trap

in my bed with my covers I could not unwrap.

Unable to move, sit up or get out of bed

thoughts of nothingness stuck in my head.

My cruel unwelcome bipolar beast

that I do not like in the very least

came back smack

with a crack and a whack

to see and be

and visit me.

The depression came back very quickly without any warning or clue

having to wait and pray for it to leave as there is nothing I can do.

I must add that my Bipolar is the ultradian rapid cycling kind

which causes my extreme mood poles to switch fast in my mind.

This can sometimes be a blessing in disguise

and one thing about my Bipolar brain I do not despise.

After a few long painful days plus one more

my depression slowly began floating to shore

I am very fortunate and happy to say

my bipolar depression has floated away

Finally I feel very happy and well

and able to have good thoughts to tell

Hopefully you will like the future words I write

and they will bring you much joy, wisdom and delight.