A rainbow’s magnificence and beauty lessened with only one hue,

a lonely red arch without yellow, orange, green, violet and blue.

God’s dream is for unity of the rainbow of races,

vast multitude of skin color and beautiful faces.

Our world dull and bland if we were all the same.

Discrimination, stigma and hate, a colossal shame.

God intended the rainbow of races to integrate and blend,

made all His children equal from head to toe, beginning to end.

A rainbow would be incomplete just missing one arch,

as Martin Luther King without his Freedom March.

Only collectively can we accomplish great things,

needing each other and the knowledge it brings.

Diversity of race and culture is a gift we ought to share,

creating friendship, love and peaceful harmony everywhere.

Love, appreciate and respect the diversity of all people, disabilities and colors of skin.

Open your eyes, mind and heart embracing and celebrate their beauty outside and within.

— a poem written by Sue Walz