Love this quote and these thoughts. These are important words to remember and live by. It is important to be aware of your flaws and know who you are.

Flying Through Water


When I saw this quote this morning I knew it would be my Penguin Ponderings today. It’s such a powerful and yes…empowering statement from Tina Lifford. Do you know who Tina Lifford is? Well I know her from one of my most favorite shows Parenthood. She plays Jasmine’s mom Renee. Scored some points there! 😉

The thing I love about this quote is how deeply true it is and yet how wrong some people may think it is.

Am I invincible because I accept my flaws? Well no. BUT no one can use that flaw against me if I already own it and have chosen to either accept it as a part of who I am or alternatively decided to change it. That in itself is power.

We hold the power to be all that we can be. Part of that want for me personally is to be ok with…

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