They Named a Popular Television Show After Me (Daily Word Prompt is Seriousness)

They named a very popular television show after me. It is one of my favorite shows right now, probably because they named the show after  me.

I was very happy last night because they had a brand new episode on and it was awesome.

Are you ready for the name of the show that is named after me? Can you guess what it is?

It is called “The Walking Dead.”

I used to be the walking dead many times throughout my life. I had no feelings and I believe having a wide array of a variety feelings and emotions makes us human beings and feel alive.

When I was severely depressed I had no emotions. I was void of feeling anything. I felt nothing. I felt like I was dead. I was a carcass of a human being with nothing inside. I could barely walk and I only existed during those horrific periods of my life.

I walked like a zombie and felt like I looked like a zombie. I felt like I was dead all ready and just had not been buried yet.

If you have seen the show “The Walking Dead” you know what I am talking about or actually writing about. These zombies in the show are actually dead but they are just empty carcasses that shuffle around. I use to shuffled when I tried to walk.

Besides feeling so empty and dead with no feelings whatsoever, I was doped up from the many different medications they were giving me.

None of the medications helped me anyway. It seemed like they were trying to kill the little bit of me that was left and was shuffling around the hospital like a zombie. I know they were only trying to help me and save me, but these medications did not help me at all and in fact made me feel worse and become extremely sick.  It felt like they were attempting to kill me by overdosing me on all the wrong medications.

They gave me too many drugs that were killing the little bit of me that may have been left living somewhere deep inside of me. There was probably a little bit of a spirit and a spark of life left somewhere in me, but it was as if they were trying to find that little spark left and capture it and kill it. Sometimes I helped them by feeding myself with even more medications by overdosing and trying to kill myself.

God said NO! and saved my life repeatedly. He was always with me throughout all of my many struggles even though at the time I did not know it. I was still alive and He was always with me by my side loving me and holding my hand throughout this entire horror story of my life at the time. God has saved my life too many times to count.

I used to be the walking dead. I was a zombie but unlike a zombie on the show thankfully I really was not dead. I could recover and I could come back to life living a full and happy life again. My recovery has been a very slow, painful and difficult process. Truthfully my recovery is never ending. I am always recovering in some way improving myself and my life as much as I can and in as many ways as I can.

Everything that made me human and made me uniquely who I am today was inside screaming to get out. I just could not hear it, but God always heard it. He heard my prayers as faint and as few as they were. God was there for me, listening and protecting me always.

I was still a person and I was ALIVE! It took many years, patience, prayers and God, but I finally came back to living my life and beginning my recovery process and healing.

I know I suffered for a reason and that makes it all okay. My children survived the many struggles we went through for a reason too.

We all survived and came out of the many struggles we suffered by becoming better people and becoming born again learning to live our lives for Christ. Thank you God. We love you and adore you and praise you each and every moment of our lives.

In all seriousness, I was never dead, of course, I just felt like it.

God wanted me to survive and to survive and thrive beautifully in my new life after being water baptized expressing and showing everyone my new faith and new life with Jesus Christ. I have been born again. The old me is dead. Maybe it was a process that I needed to go through so that I could die and live again and become new living my life for God and walking with the Lord every step I take during my new journey of life.

I was the walking dead, but now my shuffle no longer exists. I do not feel like a zombie. I feel ALIVE and I want to tell everyone how beautiful life is. I want to shout it out. I want to share my story and encourage people and give them hope.

You can survive whatever you are going through. I made it. I am alive again and I am full of many positive and lovely happy thoughts and emotions. Life is great. I love living. I am happy to be alive.

I do love the show “The Walking Dead.” It is a great show. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would like a show like that, but I love it. My daughter got me hooked on it. I am happy to announce that I am no longer a cast member in “The Walking Dead” because I do not feel like I am the walking dead.

Okay to be honest they did not name the show after me and I was never a cast member. I just felt like the walking dead even before the show ever existed.

How many of you watch “The Walking Dead” and the “Talking Dead” that follows the show?

Please comment if you watch it and tell me what your thoughts are about the show?

I am not sure if it is a bad thing, but I love Negen who is a bad man on the show, but he is also very funny, personable and lovable somehow all at the same time.

Unfortunately, this morning I realized I missed my favorite singer/dancer Bruno Mars performing a tribute to Prince, who I still love, on the Grammys last night. I was so excited about my favorite show being on that I forgot all about the Grammys being on last night too. I was going to tape the Grammys so I could watch it later. Bummer. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

Have a marvelous Monday everyone! Hugs and blessings to all of you!

Life is good because God is good.