The Sound of Stigma (Daily Word Prompt is Sound)

The sound of stigma

shouts at me,

piercing and wounding my heart,

leaving a lasting and permanent scar

as a reminder of the words and signs

of discrimination and prejudice,

still affecting me negatively

and loudly

in my bipolar journey

of recovery

and life.

The sound of stigma is heard in words, whispers, and jokes.

Seen and felt in looks, glances, and negative reactions.

Loudly heard when I did not get a job, lost a job, and lost friends.

The sound of stigma is seen and heard on television shows, movies, news programs,

at church, hospitals, stores, schools, college and many more places…

I have heard and experienced the sound of stigma everywhere.

The sound of stigma needs to stop and be quiet now.

Shhhhh…   no more sounds of stigma.