When looking at yourself in the mirror I want you to know,

that what appears on the outside is beautiful and will show

the reflection of your inner beauty radiating out through you,

with each day enhancing your beauty like the morning dew.

Each day you are growing, changing and improving fast,

becoming more special as you were the day before last.

Forever attached to my bathroom mirror will always be

beautiful gift bows that glitter and shine for you to see,

as forever reminders that you are a gift for you and me.

Created by God.

Designed by God.

Protected by God.

Loved forever by God.

God created us as beautiful, special and unique gifts for us all,

with a diversity of looks, colors and sizes from large to small.

We are all uniquely gift wrapped in our diverse beautiful outer layers that store,

and hold who we truly are inside with our beauty shining out though an open door.


I really do have gift bows on my bathroom mirror. One year I put them on my mirror to decorate for Christmas. I decided to always keep them on my mirror for my daughter to help remind her how beautiful she is and that she is a very special gift from God

When everyone looks at their reflection in the mirror, we all need to see gift bows as a reminder of how beautiful and special we are.

We are all beautiful and very special gifts from God.