Stop Ruminating (Daily Word Prompt is Ruminate)

Ruminate, ruminate, ruminate

constant rapid thoughts and words filling up my mind

repeating, repeating, repeating

words having no meaning or purpose at the time

random, random, random

coming from somewhere for some unknown reason

wasteful, wasteful, wasteful

I do not want to relive my hurtful

past, past, past

or my errors in judgement I have made

mistakes, mistakes, mistakes

negative hurtful words about myself

hateful, hateful, hateful

cannot make these thoughts and words go away

stop, stop, stop

getting too loud inside my mind

shut up, shut up, shut up

no room inside my mind for happy words and thoughts

crowded , crowded, crowded

I need positive words, thoughts and memories

love, love, love

so I can feel more

joy, joy, joy

I need to have more

faith, faith, faith

for my Lord and Savior

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

so I can make room inside my mind to…

pray, pray, pray