I am Beyond Nervous (Daily Word Prompt is Nervous)

I’m having surgery on St. Patrick’s Day.

I am nervous.

Fixing my ankle and possibly my knee as well.

I am nervous.

Had my pre-op appointment today.

I am nervous.

Car is making scary monster noises.

I am nervous.

Brake light has permanently turned on.

I am nervous.

Dashboard on my car is lit up like a Christmas tree.

I am nervous.

Brought my car to the mechanic and wait for my car’s diagnosis.

I am nervous.

Mechanic doctor calls and tells me what kind of surgery my car needs.

I am nervous.

Tells me my car’s surgery costs over $750.00.

I am not nervous.

How will I pay for that huge bill? How will I pay for my huge energy bill? How will I pay for the rest of my daughter’s huge Show Choir bill?

I am not nervous.

I am beyond nervous.

My stomach is churning and crying inside.

My nervousness has grown into full fledged anxiety.

This makes total sense because

I do have generalized anxiety disorder…


I drank

way too much