Monday is Mental Illness Survivor Day! Please Join Us.

Monday is Mental Illness Survivor Day!

We need to celebrate us! We are all strong and we are all…


  1. If you are a bipolar disorder survivor or any type of mental illness survivor, please add the name and link to your blog in my comment section and I will add your blog name, link and your comments on my page each Monday and will then permanently keep them listed on my blog making them available for everyone to read, enjoy and learn from.
  2. Also, I will add a link on the top of my page to click on so that all the bipolar disorder and mental illness survivor blog names and links on my list will always be available to you if you ever want to visit that blog. I hope eventually we will get a long list.
  3. There is a star on the right side of my page to click on so that you can see and read the bipolar disorder and mental illness survivor stories and comments shared along with their blog names and links as well.
  4. Please post a comment about your story and journey of being a bipolar disorder survivor or any other type of mental illness survivor or any other information  you want to add. Write as much information as you want to share.
  5. I want to compile a list of all blogs written about bipolar disorder and any other type of mental illness.
  6. It will be a very enjoyable, interesting and valuable list for myself and for everyone to have of all the blogs and bloggers that share their stories and journeys and other important and valuable information about living with bipolar disorder and any other types of mental illness.
  7. Copy this link from my page and paste it to your page… so we can get as many bloggers as possible to see this. Hopefully they will add their name and link of their blog so I can add it to my list.

Thank  you very much. I truly appreciate it.

I hope it will be awesome for all of us.

I am very excited to see what happens with this.

Hugs and blessings to all of you always and forever.

“Monday is Mental Illness Survivor Day!”