I Will be so Happy and Proud of Myself When I Finish Writing My Memoir (Daily Word Prompt is Chuckle)

I sometimes wonder what people truly think when I tell them I am writing a book, a memoir about my life.

People that know me and know part of my story think it is a great idea. Other people who do not know me well or know my story at all sometimes act like they are impressed, but are they really? Some people do not say anything at all.

I believe some people chuckle a little to themselves in disbelief when I tell them I am writing my memoir, thinking it is a stupid idea and that I will never get a book written or published.

When I see negative reactions or non-reactions, I become even more determined to finish writing my memoir and memoirs. I will show them.

When my dreams come true and my memoir is finished, published and being sold, I will be so proud of myself.

I can do it. I must finish it and get it published as soon as possible. It will be a great story and memoir of my life.

Writing and finishing my memoir and memoirs is my dream, my hope, my passion and is on my bucket list. I must finish my memoir for many reasons.

My story needs to be written, documented and shared with the world. I do not want the story and journey of my life to one day be buried with me and my full story never told or known again.

My story and journey of my life and everything I lived through and survived needs to be shared with others so I can educate many people about what bipolar is and can do to your life. I want people to know about bipolar and mental illness stigma and the cruelty of this illness and mental illness stigma.

My story is true and a memoir, but it will be almost read in disbelief with people having thoughts that no one could have lived through what I did.

The miracle of Jesus healing me, saving me and his presence throughout my life will also be part of my memoir as it must be.

The story of my life is a very interesting, yet painful one. It is a must write and a must read story of the journey of my life.

After I finish writing my memoir, get it published and sell many copies of my memoir, people will not chuckle anymore.

I will be so happy and proud of myself. So, I must hurry up, get to work and finish writing my memoir.

It is time to make my dreams come true.


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