I Will Be Here For a While (Daily Word Prompt is Lifestyle)

My lifestyle is my life and my style,

which I have had for quite a while.

Keeping my life and my style this way

for one hundred more years and a day.

Everyday I will learn something new,

as life is full of valuable lessons too.

I know no other way to be

as this is the only life I see.

This is the only life I know

creating me, making me grow

into the best person I can be

for all the world to know and see,

letting Gods love shine out of me

always radiating and glowing out

with loud unspoken words that shout

of the joyful beauty of Gods love

he has created in me from above.

I may not be famous, glamorous or rich

but my lifestyle I would never switch.

My children are my greatest treasures

of glorious love, joy and life’s pleasures.

I will always stay right here

as long as my children are near

close by me

for me to see.

This is my life and my style

and I will be here for a while.