My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me… (Daily Word Prompt is Precipice)

My brain was trying to kill me, but God said no.

God continues to tell me over and over again, “I will tell you when it is your time to die. I will tell you when it is time for you to leave earth. It is my decision to  make. It is not yours.

You need to keep your ears open to hear me,

and keep your eyes open to see me.

God saved my life again. God said no and he nudged me away. He pushed my hand full of pills down away from my mouth and made me put my handful of pills back in the medicine bottles. I obeyed him as he guided me through every step of the process.

I sat back on my bed that was

no longer my deathbed,

but had turned back into

my life bed,

my bed of life.

I needed to begin living again.

God made me start taking deep breaths of the love of life,

breathing deep lovely air back into my lungs,

so I could begin living and loving my life once again.

I have scaled the deep precipice of bipolar disorder,

with my Lord and Savior always by my side

pulling me back up from death and despair,

to safety at the top of my beautiful summit of life,

where I am happy and blessed to be alive.

“Look to the past to learn… and look to the future to succeed.”  ~ anonymous

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