No More Bipolar Medications For Me (Daily Word Prompt is Adrift)

My mind drifts,




aimlessly adrift.

Scattered thoughts

fill my mind,

swirling confusion,

questions flowing

freely inside of me.

What will I be?

What will become of me?

Who will I be

with a bipolar

medicine free brain

inside of me?

Bipolar medication

helps many,

but has always

been my enemy,

occasionally a frenemy.

For twenty years

and many tears,

I tried my best,

but failed the test

I tried them all,

combos, big and small,

purple, pink, blue, green

and everything in between.

Far and wide

I took the ride

on the bipolar medicine

bicycle, tricycle, cycle

trial after trial

for a long while.

Medicine treatment was a fail,

couldn’t keep up, swim or sail

No more meds for me,

recently became sick as I could be

sodium level dropped,

flopped and plopped

meds stopped.

I became unsalty

and faulty,


and wasty,


and pale.

Body became bloated

from water that floated

throughout my body and being,

I was not a pretty sight to be seen,

water retained,

weight gained,

face and body puffy

softly full and fluffy,

too many long years

without medical mirrors

caused me to become very ill

from taking my Trileptal pill.

There are no more bipolar meds

left for me

none for me.

That was the last one,

my last chance,

my last hurrah,

the last straw,

hurrah, hurrah.

But wait,

I hesitate,

I don’t hate

my new fate.

I no longer have to play

the bipolar game of the day,

Eeny, meeny, miney moe

pick a med, here you go.

Take another and some more

oops wait that didn’t work,

try another,

and another.

We got many,

make you thirsty,

take another,

we got plenty,

make you fat,

we got a pill for that,

make you dizzy

your hair frizzy,

here try another,

we got more,

lose your hair,

more to spare.

Bipolar medicine didn’t work for me

too many side effects,

ill effects,

adverse reactions,

they just didn’t work for me,

couldn’t keep me afloat,

and I fell off the boat,

but I can swim,

here I go,

sink or swim,

I can swim…

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