Catapult Stigma Out of Existence (Daily Word Prompt is Catapult)

Stigma pigma dig me a hole

where I can deeply bury

all the stigma,

after I catapult it

out of existence,

forever and always.

Now is the time.

The time is overdue.

We are beyond the times.

Stigma is the softer,

kinder version

of the hateful,


cruel word

for discrimination.

Stigma is discrimination

and they both should have

been abolished with slavery

hundreds of years ago.


stigma and discrimination

of all different forms,

sadly continues to

live and breathe,

whisper and shout

and exist today.

STIGMA is defined

by a mark of disgrace

associated with a

particular circumstance,


or person.


the huge disgrace

beyond huge disgrace,

and disgust

is the person

or group of people

who continue to stigmatize

any type of mental illness

in any way


or form

by showing

or speaking

their ignorance,

lack of compassion,

and cruelty

to another person

or group of people

in any way,


or form.




Stigma pigma dig me a hole,

where I can deeply bury all the stigma,

after I catapult it

out of existence,

forever and always.

Here is a link to the blog post I wrote in January 2017 titled “Stigma Pigma” and contains facts about stigma and some of the stigma I have personally faced. 

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