I am Not Disabled

I am not disabled.

I removed the “dis” from “abled.”

I am not disabled.

I am abled. Don’t “dis” me.

I do not have a disability.

I removed the “dis” from my “ability.”

Do not “dis” my ability.

I do not have disabilities. I removed the “dis” from my abilities.

Do not “dis” my abilities.

I have a great ability to accomplish many awesome and important things.

So,  stop “dissing’ me

and stop “dissing” us.

Don’t “dis” us and

don’t “dis” our abilities.

Don’t “dis” me and

definitely do not,

I repeat do not “dis” my abilities.

I am able and I have awesome abilities like no other.

Disability becomes a blanketed word, never defining the true quality and character of a person. We all awesome, beautiful, unique, creative, resilient, courageous, strong people and survivors.

We are bipolar survivors.

We are mental illness survivors.

We are all strong survivors.

So, please stop “dissing” us

and please do not “dis” our abilities.

Thank you very much for listening to my rant.

May your heart overflow with understanding, compassion and love.

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