When you puncture a small hole in a tire the air will slowly leak out.

When you puncture a hole in a balloon it will pop.

When the nurse punctures a needle in my arm, blood will release from my veins.

When you puncture me with cruel words and actions,

thoughtfulness and insensitivity,

unkind and uncaring behavior,

your puncture wounds hurt and bleed.

When you victimize me and take advantage of my weaknesses, you puncture me again.

When you puncture me with stigma,

and other hurtful words and behavior,

your punctures deeply wound me

and deflate my self-esteem

and my ability to trust and love.

The only way to release the pain

from the puncture wounds

of cruel words and behaviors

caused from others

is by forgiveness.

I pray and ask God to help me

forgive other people’s words and actions.

I pray often,

so I can forgive,

and I try to forget.

Forgiveness punctures your heart and soul,

releasing and deflating your pain

from deep within your heart and soul.

Forgiveness is a great release

to freedom from anger, pain and suffering

and to a life full of peace, compassion and love.

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