How Can I Make a Difference? (Daily Word Prompt is Paper)

“If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be differenct from the world.” ~Elaine S. Dalton

How can you win, if you never lost?

You have to have losses in life to know when you have won.

How can I teach, if I have never learned?

How can I teach about life, if I have never learned about life and living?

How can I inspire others, if I have never lived an inspirational life.

How can I influence, if I have never seen the need to be influential.

How can I help others, if I have never needed help?

How can I know what it is truly like to be alive unless I have faced death?

How can I love others, if I have never been loved?

How can I know what must be changed in this world, unless I have suffered, felt the pain, seen and lived through the many barriers and obstacles that have hindered my ability to live a good life and have hindered the progress to improve the quality of lives for many?

How can I be the one to make a difference in this world, unless I know what changes need to be made to make a positive difference in this lifetime?

I am loved by God, therefore I know how to love others.

I can share my internal love and joy with others because of the grace of God. He gave me the spiritual gift of empathy and the ability to share my love, joy and story of my life to others so I can prayerfully make a positive difference in the lives of others.

I have felt that pain and I have seen the barriers and the obstacles that need to be removed and changed, so that we can improve the quality of lives for the many people living with mental illness in our country and throughout the world.

I have a strong passion and desire to make a change and a difference in the lives of others during this lifetime and for the future.

I have seen and I have felt the pain from the stigma of mental illness and it must be stopped.

Stigma needs to be permanently erased from all paper that is filed in our minds and held in the hands of our past and in our future.

Delete the stigma of mental illness.

“There is no greater reward than working from our heart, and making a difference in the world.” ~ Carlos Santana


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