This makes me feel so sad and made me cry, because I can feel his pain and see and hear his pain. This is mental illness at its finest. I know exactly what he is talking about and I can relate completely to what he is saying.

This is mental illness. This is depression. This is bipolar. This is sad. This is deep sorrow. This is mental pain. This is a man who has had suicidal ideations many times. This is a man who is crying for help, but sometimes there is nothing we can do. This is a man that has fought and battled suicidal thoughts many times before and won the battle, but this time he lost his fight and he lost his life to suicide.

This is a man who has been to deeper levels of life and living and near death experiences before. He has been to dark and different places others that have never experienced mental illness have never been before and never want to go. I have been to those dark and different and deeper places like he is talking about as well, and I too feel like I know more about life and people because of it. It can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

One benefit of bipolar and mental illness is that we do have more compassion and understanding of the human spirit and life and living and dying.

This is very sad and scary for me to hear this interview, because he obviously had severe mental illness as I do and many of us reading my blog do. This enlightens me, saddens me and scares me all at the same time because I have fought through many suicidal depressions before and have obviously survived do far, but it scares me because when will that one time happen that I can no longer fight and I lose the battle too, just like Chester obviously did. He could not fight any longer. He could not do it anymore. He list the battle.

RIP Chester. I am sorry you had such deep sorrow and pain. I love you. I pray you are with Jesus and you are free from pain and sorrow and are full of a fabulous indescribable peace now. RIP

His lyrics and music are full of darkness and the demons in his head and his struggles in his life. He screams mental illness throughout his music… so many songs have lyrics that sing about mental illness, pain, struggles and sorrow and the difficulties os life… “What is wrong with me???!!!!!!”