When My Bipolar Tsunami Hit (Daily Word Prompt is Traditional)

There is nothing about my life that is traditional.

My traditions vanished and life became conditional.

Everything depended on the conditions of my bipolar disorder,

caused my brain to become unbalanced and way out-of-order.

If traditional is supposed to be normal, whatever normal is

then I am definitely not traditional, not even close to this.

When the storm of my bipolar tsunami hit,

it destroyed my traditional life, every little bit.

I lost my identity, career, friends, husband and home.

My mind gone, lost, wandering, aimlessly I began to roam.

Trying to find where I was, who I had become and who I should be.

Needed to accept my bipolar, looked for answers and someone to help me.

But, eventually chose the wrong path, making a huge mistake,

stopped all necessary treatments, and no medication to take.

After many years of being severely broken and lost,

I began looking for help, support and love, at any cost.

Eventually destroying my life even more,

became homeless, beaten down to my core.

True insanity had reached my mind,

which forced me to get help and find

proper treatment of the medical kind.

For many years, I searched for anything that would help me,

medications caused adverse reactions, with me they did not agree.

Eventually I had many successful life saving treatments called ECT.

After I finally accepted my bipolar, I began to recover and get well.

I accepted Jesus into my life and learned I had a great story to tell.

Jesus saved my life and opened my heart

to love life again, a tradition from the start.

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