I Will Share my Story and Give God all the Glory

share your story

I cloaked my shame and pain

but it will no longer remain,

hidden deep inside me,

I’m finally setting it free.

Releasing it from within,

my freedom to begin.

So I share

and I bare,

my past souls

and my goals.

Sharing and opening my heart,

a beautiful blessing, gift and art.

I speak to you

and you listen.

As you listen to my words,

my pain soars up to the birds.

No longer a part of me,

out of my mouth and free,

 flying away and high,

soaring up to the sky

with the angels who fly,

watching over me,

protecting me,

and loving me,

catching and holding my many words

that now live with the angelic birds.

Thank you for listening

each time I shared

the soul that I bared,

helping me be free

and all I should be.

There is no more shame,

and no one to blame,

my anger explained

and happiness gained.

I will not cover my shame with a cloak,

for my words released my pain as I spoke.

Words are fleeing

my spirit is freeing.

A new life, fresh and new

my hope and faith grew.

I will share my story,

and give God all the glory.

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