Be Great at What you do…

“Be great at what you do,

and be better at what you don’t do.”

~Sue Walz

This is how my mind works. It flies about and swirls around inside a lovely little organ inside my head called this bipolar brain and comes up with these kind of deep, perceptive and abstract thoughts.

These kind of thoughts just pop up in my mind out of the blue, sometimes. My brain is always working nonstop sometimes, moving too fast and thinking too much, having too many thoughts and ideas at one time. But many times it can be a blessing, as well.

Bipolar can be a blessing and a curse. When it is a good bipolar day, I have learned to appreciate it and embrace it, never taking the goodness and happiness and my working brain for granted, never. When my bipolar symptoms are good, I appreciate feeling alive and the joy and beauty of living.

When I feel well and am doing my best, I am usually in a hypomanic mood pole. My moods travel from a severe depression to a hypomanic mood pole with not much stopping in between. It is okay though, because I have lived this way for many years and I am finally learning how to cope with it better, every day.

Even though I have many rapid and random thoughts, I decided to type this thought in my blog to share, save and remember.

I liked this thought, quote or free verse poetry, or whatever you want to call it, because it can mean so many beautiful and different things to many people.

It is kind of deep and abstract, so you have to think hard, but it is great to keep these bipolar brains or any kind of brain you have, working and thinking and exercising. So, today we are doing a little mental exercising, which unfortunately, happens to be the only type of exercise I have been doing lately. That is an entirely different subject for another time.

So, what does it mean? What does it mean to you? What do you think?

I think it means quite a lot…

For one…

“Be great at what you do, and be better at what you don’t do.”

Be a great speaker, but be better at not speaking and become a better listener.

When you speak and express your own thoughts, you speak of what you already know, but when you listen and listen with your whole attention and heart, you hear.

When you truly hear, you learn what you do not know yet. You can learn so many important and valuable lessons about other people and life and so much more.

When you listen with an open mind and loving heart, you let your empathy and compassion shine out for others to feel. You let others enter inside yourself and you let them touch your heart and soul, forever sometimes leaving a permanent and lasting impression in your heart. That is beautiful and can only happen when you listen, really listen.

What else could it mean?

“Be great at what you do, and be better at what you don’t do.”

Be great at whatever your talents and God-given gifts are and use them in the manner God intended you to use them, but be better at what you cannot do by accepting it and truly admiring and lovingly appreciating the gifts and blessings of others.

Hmmm… what else could it mean? It can mean so much more…

“Be great at what you do, and be better at what you don’t do.”

Be great at appreciating what you have, and be better at accepting and appreciating what you do not have.

Do not wish to have what others have, but love what you already have.

Do not wish to be like someone else or wish to be someone you are not, but accept and fully embrace and love who you are, just they way you are.

EmilysQuotes.Com - amazing, great, memory, people, relationship, being a good person, unknown

“One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one.” ~unknown

By George. I think that’s it!

“Be great at what you do, and be better at what you don’t do.”

Be great at living, and be great at not living. Be so great at living, that when you die you will be a great memory that will be so beautiful and unforgettable to everyone and to the future forever, that you will never be forgotten.

Leave your mark on the world and touch the lives of everyone leaving a lasting imprint on everyone’s heart forever and always.

Be unforgettable in a favorable, positive, powerful, inspiring, lasting forever kind of way.

“Be great at what you do, and be better at what you don’t do.” ~Sue Walz

What does that mean to you? Please think about it and share any thoughts or ideas, good or bad or indifferent that you may have. Thank you for reading and participating. I appreciate all of it and…

I appreciate you.

More hugs and many blessings.  Love, Sue

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