Become a Legend to Others

A legendary quote by John Legend… aha…

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Truthfully, the second after we are born, we are one second closer to our death.

No one knows how many seconds we have to live on this earth,

but each second of our lives is important.

Make each second count,

make it matter,

and make a difference in this world.

Make your life be of value to yourself and others.

Make your life have a purpose.

Live a purposeful and meaningful life.

Serve the Lord, by serving and helping others.

You can become a legend,

maybe not to the entire world,

but at least to the people you love and that matter to you.

I want to be a legend to my children.

I pray my legend is that I am and have been a great and loving mother,

and have impacted my children’s lives in many loving and positive ways.

I pray my legend is that I raised my children

to become good, kind, caring and loving people.

I pray my children are happy, healthy and successful people.

I pray my children will live their lives for Christ,

and will make a positive difference and impact on the lives of many others.

I pray my legend is that I gave birth to and raised legendary people.

My children are legends to me.

I love my three children beyond words and measure.

I am completely blessed to be their mother.

Thank you, God for my legends.

~written by Susan Walz

“Once you become a legend to yourself, you can become a legend to others.”        ~Susan Walz

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We need more heroes and more legends. You and I can become one. Let’s do it.

“If You’re Out There” by John Legend

“If You’re Out There” by John Legend – with lyrics

Another legendary quote by John Legend

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Another legendary quote by a legend… aha aha…

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