Tweet #ihave to End Mental Illness Stigma

Carve stigma out of existence forever.

Please help me everyone.

I am trying to end mental illness stigma.

If you have a twitter page

please make a tweet with a hashtag # and the words ihave


to show and represent

that you have faced and been exposed to mental illness stigma,

been shamed and biased by mental illness stigma,

you have seen or know others who have been stigmatized by mental illness stigma,

and know that mental illness stigma exists today,

and most importantly

you know that



Please tweet


and let us start our own new movement

to educate about mental illness and mental illness stigma.

I feel it is crucial and equally important as everything else that is going on today.


I am not even safe from stigma harm on Twitter.

I do have to go to work later this afternoon otherwise I would write the post now.

I started my little #ihave idea a few days ago and have been taking it slowly, but I am very fired up right now because of what cruelty I just faced on Twitter. I will explain it on my next post. I do not have enough time to give my post the quality time I need to write it as well as I should.

I will give you a short synopsis of the conversation. I was actually minding my own business and responded to a tweet a man wrote about Trump. I responded back in agreement with what he posted and he responded with…

Are you bipolar?

I asked him why he asked me that and he responded…

“because I am smart.”

I asked him again why he asked me that and this time he responded…

“because you are acting erratically and it is on your profile page. lol”

and the rest is history. It is on my Twitter page. I am not sure if you can still see it all, because he has since deleted that page after I started replying back to him about how his words are stigma etc.

Other comments he made were…

I took pictures of his tweets and will post them on my next blog post after work tonight or tomorrow. I took pictures, because I knew he would soon delete the conversation and I wanted to educate and increase awareness about what stigma is, how cruel it is and how those words hurt…they really do.

I did not deserve any of those comments and neither does anyone that has ever heard them or been stigmatized in any way.

Stigma needs to stop now!

Please remember to tweet #ihave

You can follow me on Twitter to see the dialog if it is still there and also see some of the pics I took and other comments etc. Plus, you can follow me on Twitter just for fun, too. Please follow me at @SusanVWalz. Thank you.

Please look for my post tomorrow. I will have more details and the information will be written much more clearer and with more detail. Thank you for reading and I hope you can Tweet…


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