Terminated by Stigma

They cast me away,

with obvious dismay.

Nothing to say,

not even to pray.

Discrimination and bias displayed,

ignorance and disapproval conveyed.

There were no fundraisers or sympathy cards,

no get well wishes, balloons or shiny gold stars.

I was blamed,


and shamed.

Never again treated the same,

after my mental illness came.

At that time, bipolar disorder was not accepted for a teacher,

parents do not want their children taught by that kind of creature.

I was told that by my school attorney,

during my teacher termination journey.

Won a wrongful termination lawsuit,

but it was only a band-aide, as I got the boot.

My humiliation was intense,

sorrow and anger immense.

This is bipolar stigma related pain,

band-aide gone, wounds remain.

Eventually, I became stronger,

won’t put up with this any longer.

Their actions are done,

but I have only just begun.

I am still a teacher teaching,

but with a different kind of preaching,

hoping many people I am reaching.

End mental illness stigma now.

Soon we will be proud to take a bow.

~written by Sue Walz

You can sympathize,

but I prefer you empathize.

Thank you. There are no more cries.

~written by Sue Walz

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