After the Super Bowl…

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I have become an unhealthy obese creature

with the type of body I do not want to feature.

Ugh! Let me hide under the rug.

I am saddened and ashamed of my size

as the numbers on my scale continue to rise.

Hate how my body is growing,

way too much fat is showing.

I have unhappily reached the point

that I must get out of this joint.

I don’t mean a building or room.

It’s time to get out of this fat tomb.

I must shed this weight,

before it is too late.

I cannot wait.

Tomorrow is the date.

I can’t start today,

can’t do it that way.

One more last hurrah with pizza, bad carbs, chips and pop,

Today is the Super bowl. After that, my bad eating will stop.

I promise. I mean it. I must be strong.

I need to lose weight. I waited too long.

I need to eat healthy and stop snacking.

Exercise is also something I am lacking.

I am going to eat healthy and less, and exercise too.

It’s not going to be easy, but is something I must do.

Image result for i only want two things to lose weight and to eat

I must remember….

Nothing tastes as good,

as being thin feels.

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  1. Yeah, I get it. Me too! However, I have learned that I look very unhealthy if I go below 120 lbs. A few years ago I wanted to be 110. I got to 118 and realized that the skin was sagging way too much and I actually started looking awful at 118. So now my goal is 120 min. Still will be flabby not not looking unhealthy, at least I hope.

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    • 120 sounds like a great weight… only in my dreams. I don’t know if I ever weighed 120 in my life. We are all have our issues though and I understand that. I hope you make you r goal of 120. You probably look wonderful. Love and hugs, Sue


      • my weight was 95 lbs until I was 28 and quit smoking. I always was too skinny. Now I realize people went on crazy diets to get that way. I was quite happy at 110, but then it kept going up! I’m actually very small boned, but at 140, 150 you can’t tell that. lol! Thank you.

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      • I think even being small boned that 140-150 is a great weight. Maybe you don’t feel it is for you, but it sounds like a healthy weight. I would love to weigh that much. Thank you for sharing. I love your comments. Thank you. Much love, Sue

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  2. Great poem.
    We don’t have a scale in the house so that takes away my obsession over the actual pounds.
    Weight one way or the other is a struggle and always has been though. I think so many could relate to your poem in just body image.
    If I had had chips I would have eaten the whole bag I can tell you that!

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    • Thank you. I am happy you liked my poem. Yesterday was the Superbowl and I did have my pizza and pop, but I didn’t have any salsa to go with my tortilla chips, so I skipped the chips at least. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate you kind and encouraging comments. Hugs, Sue

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