I am Not Broken

“I am not broken, my heart still beats, my spirit continues to grow.” ~unknown

I have sat with many broken people

and have sat with my broken self.

Like glass I have been broken and shattered.

God repeatedly repaired my brokenness

by carefully gluing me back together

one fragile little piece of me at a time,

until I became whole again.

Leaving only remnants of my brokenness for the world to see,

appearing as beautiful scars

tattooed on my skin

as a reminder of the many struggles

I have survived.

~written by Susan Walz (me)

Drawing by Susan Walz (medium used: oil pastels)

I used to draw and paint a lot, but have not done so for a few years. It is something I want to start up again when I feel better and the pieces of my life fit back together more securely. I might try to share more of my artwork, as it used to be a big part of my life and who I was. I have even made money selling my work over the years. Not much, but it was a nice bonus for my hobby.

I would like to share one more drawing with you. This one is an abstract drawing showing a woman lying down crying green tears. The color green and the green ribbon are used to represent mental health awareness. I drew this for an art show for people with mental illness in the area I live.

Artwork by Susan Walz (medium used: graphite and color pencils, and acrylic paint)

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