Almost Finished With the Second Draft of My Memoir

I have a huge dream, passion and need to publish my memoir. My memoir has actually been in the making for probably about ten years. I have finally almost finished writing the last chapter of the second draft of my memoir. I will proofread and edit it again and hopefully it will be print worthy very soon. It will be finished this fall and the next step will be to find a publisher.

My book touches and covers many different topics of mental illness helping others know what it is like to live with this horrific illness and surviving it boldly and triumphantly. My book speaks about mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, the effects of childhood abuse, surviving suicide attempts, living with stigma, psychiatric hospitalizations, ECTs, Benzodiazepine use and dangers, Klonopin withdrawal syndrome, becoming born again, how God saved my life numerous times, mental wellness, recovery and hope. It has a little and a lot of everything.

I also believe my book  will be the missing part of my puzzle and the tool I need to start doing public speaking again. My goal is to give presentations more often and to give them to large audiences of all ages. This is my dream. I want to help others. I lived and survived what I have for a reason. I want to and need to make a difference by educating, inspiring and helping others by sharing my story both in written form and through speaking.

Of course my dream would be to find a publisher that would publish my book with no charge. I will study how this approach works and try my best to accomplish publishing my book this route. However, I must be realistic at the same time and the chances of that happening are not impossible, but quite difficult.

With that being said I have decided to self-publish. This costs money I do not have, so I was hoping and praying to get some help from anyone that is able to. I love you and thank you and appreciate all of you… for helping me and for reading and being you.


Please help me publish my memoir.

Please help me make my dreams come true. Please contribute whatever you can and your name will be graciously displayed on the acknowledgement section of my memoir to permanently show and express my appreciation to you for helping me publish my book. If you are able to contribute more than $10.00, I will send you a signed copy of my book. Thank you in advance for your help. Much love and hugs, Sue